I don't get why all these stupid southern Virginians think were all rich and shit. Ive lived here all my life and there are gangs and ghettos. The only really rich place is great falls and everybody hates people who live there because they are rich and snobby but that's only a very small part of northern virginia.
stereotypical southern Virginian:Go to hell you stupid rich northern Virginian

northern Virginian(only slightly stereotypical):oh so I should go to southern virginia then.
by North VA! April 06, 2011
The northern portion of the state of Virginia, bordering DC and Maryland. As evidenced in this site, we are disliked greatly by the rest of Virginia because this area is not full of rednecks and hicks like southern virginia, or hillbillies like West Virginia. We have some of the most affluent counties in the US, with Loudon and Fairfax always competing for the number one spot. Full of ethnic diversity and educated people from all over the world who shape the area we live in. No, we are NOT proud southerners, because there isn't anything remotely southern about us. I have encountered very few southern accents here, and most were from people who lived down south. I am proud to live in such an area.
You say you want Northern Virginia to become its own state, but our taxes are all spent on YOU, southern virginia. What on earth would happen to you without us, besides becoming a state akin to Kentucky or Mississippi? Face it, you NEED us. So please, please stop bitching.
by Blair Waldorf's loyal disciple March 30, 2010
Commonly abbreviated NOVA it is a distinct region of Virginia that ecompasses Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington and Prince William counties. On occasion some people will extend the definition as far west as Winchester and as far southwest as Warrenton/Front Royal due to the number of DC commuters that have flocked there.

Northern Virginia is a place of extremes. Fairfax and Loudoun counties are two of the richest and highly educated in the country. Additionally it has the highest concentration of office square footage anywhere in the country. It is also home to some areas of organized crime, but these areas are isolated in small sections of Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria Manassas and southern Centerville. Some areas of Herndon and Sterling (south of rte 7) are on that path but most of these areas are safe.

Culturally, the area is distinct as it lies in the southern edge of the Bos-Wash corridor taking on a more "Mid-Atlantic" feel which annoys the Virginians to the south to no extent. What people from SOVA fail to realize is while Virginia historically was a part of the south during the civil war, it is a state that lies within three regions: Appalacia, the south and, yes, the Mid-Atlantic. The south usually begins after Fredericksburg on I-95 and Appalacia usually begins upon leaving the sprawl of NOVA towards I-81. Most people here are transplants from the midwest, the west coast, the northeast and the south and are immigrants (legal and illegal) from all over the world..

NOVA is different from the rest of Virginia in that it is a multi-cultural friendly enviornment. People from all ethnicities, religions and walks of life live here. There are vibrant Asian, Hispanic, African and Middle Eastern communities. A plethora of restaurants of different cuisines exist, there are over five Persian restaurants alone. The largest Afghan community of the United States also calls Northern Virgina. Needless to say, it is the most culturally vibrant place in Virgnia.

The economy here is a bit ahead of the rest of Virginia due to its proximity to DC and it's transportation hubs. Northern Virginia is home to the pentagon, the CIA, USGS, AOL and many other entities call this area home. The area is home to many high end malls including the malls of Tyson's Corner. Tysons II has been frequently dubbed "the Rodeo Drive of the East Coast" due to the high end stores within the mall, some of which have their only east coast location in Tyson's Corner. Office Space is plentiful in this part of Northern Virginia - the further towards Maryland you go, the more affulent it gets. Rte 267, the Dulles Toll Road is dubbed the "Dulles Technology Corridor" from Reston to Dulles Airport due to the high concentration of IT officies along the freeway towards Dulles Airport. Northern Virginia is also home to two of DC's airports - National and Dulles. Both are the more important airports of the region and are within an easy reach to downtown DC.

NOVA is more fast paced than SOVA and lacks a "southern charm" that SOVA people from Richmond and Hampton Roads possess which makes the area hated upon. However crime in SOVA rivals that of some areas of DC, in particular crime in richmond is just inches away crime in Alexandria. However, these people end up coming here in the long run due to the lack of high-paying jobs within these areas.

Sure, there are some areas that are wastelands of vinyl homes but that's just Ashburn and Sterling (north of rte. 7). Alexandria is a very historic city that lies upon the potomac and have homes dating back to the 17th century. Areas such as McLean, Annandale and Vienna are home to extremely expensive real estate that rivals places such as Seattle and San Francisco. Reston is a successful planned community from the 1960s that is filled with woods, trees, paths and commercial districts along with very uniquely designed homes. There are many historic sites within the area, the bull run battlefield in manassas being one of them. you're also within an earshot, bus ride and train ride to DC where there are many things to do on a weekend.

All in all, aside from the occasional traffic jam (unless you live in Woodbridge or Springfield - god help you if you do) NOVA is a great place to live. It is different from the rest of Virginia, which makes it a neat place and it its success story is something that the state should be proud of rather than something to degrade. After all Virginia is a great state due to its diversity, which stems from southerners, northerners and appalacians all calling our state home.
Bob: Where are you from?

Amir: DC.

Bob: Where in DC?

Amir: Vienna.. it's in Northern Virginia.
by novairooni April 04, 2009
A place right across the potomac from Washington D.C. Home to the C.I.A and where most of the really wealthy senators, politicians and high government officials live.

Northern Virginia (and the D.C. area) are home to some of the most competitive, elite and exclusive preparatory schools in the country (see: NCS, St Stephens St Agnes, St Albans, Holton, Madeira, Woodberry and Sidwell) Northern Virginia is among one of the richest counties in the country and is one of the areas of the highest expense to live as well.

However, Northern Virginia ranges from poor and full of immigrants (South Arlington... Arlington for the most part) to haunts of the fabulously wealthy (Great Falls, Langley, McLean, Falls Church, Northern Arlington, Alexandria and Middleburg).

Northern Virginia is in no way Southern, though some southern people live there... the rich ones of course. Northern Virginia is, however, slower and friendlier than NYC, making New Yorkers hate NoVAers because they get the best of both worlds.

NoVAers like to complain about how there's nothing to do when the nation's capitol is a 10 minutes drive away. They also are amused about how afraid everyone was of the sniper and when relatives come to visit and are actually interested in D.C. The traffic is awful and the drivers are really uptight and agressive. It takes 15 minutes to drive 7 miles and people honk the horn if you don't peel out the *second* the light turns green.
NoVA1: Omg, so I went to South Carolina and I went to McDonalds because I was desperate for a drink and the people there spoke ENGLISH!!!



by firefly212 June 11, 2005
The northernmost area of of Virginia, home to well-to-do and overall classy people. Known for being more liberal than the rest of the state, and also for identifying more with its bordering northern states. Made up of the counties/cities of Arlington, Fairfax, and Falls Church.

"Southern" Virginians like to hate on Northern Virginians because they think we're "pretentious", etc.

These people are just jealous.
Person 1: I live in Falls Church.
Person 2: Ugh, another uppity Northern Virginia bitch. The 757 is so much more fly, yo!
Person 1: You just keep thinking that...
by the 703 November 01, 2009
Northern Virginia is the region of Virginia that generally serves as a suburb to DC. Fairfax County, Alexandria, and Arlington are the REAL northern Virginia. Prince William and Loudon are alright but they are just riding on the coat tails of those above. People in other places of VA (especially Richmond) like to talk shit about NoVA even though most have never been here. This is because they think they are hot shit but nova puts their hick asses to shame. NoVA is hated in most of the rest of VA even though the taxes we pay keeps this fucking place afloat and improves the rest of the state. Many of our parents have money that we spend on booze, drugs, cars, and clothes. We have connections, not with the state gov. with the federal gov. We don't support Bush, we don't go to Church, our public schools are private schools, we recognize that the civil war ended 150 years ago and that it is a good thing that the north won. we are baller and we know it. We fucking own your ass.
Hick from Richmond: Ohhhh you're from Nooooorthern Virginia...
Northern Virginian: Yea, and I'm the reason you're red neck ass gets to go to a well funded state school, now lick my balls.
by BallXX August 11, 2008
Okay, so I live in NOVA and I just got really pissed when I read this Southern Virginian bastard's definition:

"So Northern Virginia, please do the rest of the state a favor, and become part of Maryland. Northern Virginia you're money will not be missed because you have no class."

Our money will not be missed? Excuse me, but Northern Virginia pays a huge percent of the state taxes compared to its size. So our money goes to you Southern wankers so you can actually go to a decent school. And maybe we will leave, then at least our hard-earned money won't go to ungrateful assholes like you.

Most Southern Virginians have never been to Northern Virginia, they're just making up things to make us look bad because they know we're better than them.

Most of us aren't spoiled brats, our parents *just* make a lot of money. We are most definitely not snobby.

-I've lived in Reston (NOVA) for a very long time, and I can just say I met some of the truest, funniest, smartest, beautiful (on the inside, and out), and most down-to-earth people in my entire life. I've met so many FUCKEN AMAZING people and I love them all to death.

Stop stereotyping us because you have no fucking idea of anything in Northern Virginia.

So go get a life fuck yourselves, Southern Virginians, you know no one else will.

(Hey, if you're a Southern Virginian and you don't hate us Novans, I didn't mean you. I'm only being a bitch because someone else was.)
Southern Virginian: Northern VA has no class, no money, no decent people.

Northern Virginian: Oh look whos talking.
by PissedOffRestonerr February 19, 2010

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