a pink furry palace of oversheltered rich kids, and a place that just isn`t as genuine as southern virginia.
i think i`m better than you becuase my daddy bought me a beamer and i live in fairfax, Northern Virginia.
by youknowwwww November 14, 2005
should be emancipated from the state for the simple fact that they take away from the southern hospitality and charm the rest of Virginia has to offer; population comprised of generally prickish attitudes regarding people from anywhere else which is supported by the fact that most of them have never been south of Stafford County. You can point them out by their general condescending demeanor, when the truth be told, they probably, as a whole, have less money than their southern counterparts.
Dick: Hey Jane, would you like to accompany me on a shopping trip to Northern Virginia?
Jane: Absolutely not Dick, I'd rather ride through the back roads of southern Virginia admiring my Daddy's prize tobacco crop and then roll around in 100 dollar bills for the rest of the afternoon!
Dick: Sounds splendid, Jane!
by goodol'southernmoney March 15, 2006
Location - Northern Virgina is jagged circular area that is bordered by Potomac, Maryland and DC..OH and of course..Regular.. Virginia. Where the "Mid-Atlantic"(People who can't except the fact that they live in the south and would like to be called middle) ends. Nothern Virgina's "border" ends in Stafford County, Virginia. Which beside Spotsy, Virginia which is nicknamed "Back in the Bushes".

People - Scum of the earth to "regular" Virginia and consider Virginia to be a redneck filled confederate flag waving hick state. They refuse to be apart of Virginia and the South since most of the inhabitants are rich northern migrants who came to exploit cheap land and labor in the 70s and have spawned Nova yuppies ever since. The public schools look more like private schools. They refuse to acknowledge the fact they are below the mason-dixon line and that the area has a rich confederate history also they consider themselves superior to any and everyone.Don't bother debating anything with them, they think have an answer to everything.
They do not consider themselves to be apart of Virginia at all and you'll hear them refer to themselves as the 51st state which we proud Virginians wish would happen.
Don't expect to see the 1861 Virginia Flag on any house in Northern Virginia.
Virginan - Look ya'll give us some of southern maryland and you can stick Northern Virginia up your ass. *Virginia crowd cheers*

Marylander - Eeeaaah I guess that's a good trade, southern maryland has nothing in common with us and northern Virgina has nothing in common with you all so let's do it.

Northern Virginians - YIPPIE! *nerd cheers* WE ARE FINALLY APART OF MARYLAND!
by Richardddd May 22, 2006
Pretty much the Un-sexiest place in america. Very preppy and almost 80's prep feeling with a touch of a corporate picnic. Generally a place where government contractor family type trans-plants live. A place were people get really excited about a new shopping center, town center or a metro stop being built in their boring planed community because there is nothing else to do or think about. Everybody pretty much works for the government, a government contractor or a big corporation. You will see a bunch of colonial style brick shopping centers and houses built in fields and woods.
Very generic and boring with a touch of country without the politeness and hospitality you would expect in a country ass looking area. actually one of the rudest areas I have ever lived in. Uptight, non out going or friendly, overly aggressive(in traffic) people I have ever come across. Over priced and poorly built ugly houses and townhouses made of red brick with cheap brass accents for all the "sheep" to buy. People are very bland looking. Dudes wearing JC Penny style outfits: khaki shorts with braided belts and a polo shirt or their old college t-shirt and maybe some hard penny loafers or gay ass sandal.(summer weekend outfit only) the weekday work outfits are worse. You will see a lot of people wearing work badges on their belt or around their neck.
Hey dude, I'm getting transferred to Northern Virginia.
Hope they are paying you well!
Maybe you can find a red brick colonel with brass door knobs
by Trev321 August 02, 2011
Northern Virgina: a place where most new-money-yankees gather to ruin the image and gentile traditions of Virginia. Most of these people are cocky, from the north, where gel, and live in new surbanite-developments with little class or culture. Fairfax county wishes it had the old virginia estates and homes of the West End of Richmond points: (1) The elitist of Southern Virginia are well-bred, more classy, have just as much money, and love their state more than NOVANS. For the most part, Northern Virginia is disgracing the rich traditions of Virginia, even if it does have lots of money it has no class. In addition, is very wealthy city Richmond. In conclusion, Northern Virginia belongs with the state of Maryland for two reasons: (1) It's people and ideals are not Viriginian, per say. (2) Lots of these people are not native Virginians, instead; they are outsiders who become cocky by making money in Washington D.C. So Northern Virginia, please do the rest of the state a favor, and become part of Maryland. Northern Virginia you're money will not be missed because you have no class. Long-live Richmond and the tidewater for her valor, glory, history, and honor.
Gel Head from NOVA: Hey, youuz guyz, my dad just made a million off some high tech invention.
Gel Head # 2 from NOVA: Thats sweet maybe we can go put that money into your new HONDA CIVIC rolling on shitty ass rims.
by Ed November 14, 2004
The armpit of Washington, D.C. AKA "Nova" (not to be confused with the local Northern Virginia Community College, which is also known colloquially by that name), this suburban area is known for its excessive, endless traffic, regardless of the time of day, and for its extremely high quantity of generic douchebags wearing brown flip-flops. There isn't really a cultural vibe associated with this area, as a lot of the population is transplants from other places who moved there for business reasons (as opposed to NYC or Boston, for example). Therefore, it is overpopulated and sucks ass. However, you can always grab a cup of coffee at the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks or the Starbucks.
Bob: Hey, look at that guy over there with brown flip-flops. He seems like a douche.
John: Yeah, I bet he's from Northern Virginia.

"We've got dudes in brown flip-flops, dudes in brown flip-flops- HOLY CRAP WHY ARE ALL THESE DUDES WEARIN' BROWN FLIP-FLOPS?????" -Remy in "The Arlington Rap," which talks about a specific city in Northern Virginia, but that particular part can be applied to the whole area.

Eric: There's nothing to do here, man...
Bob: Well, it's Northern Virginia, what do you expect?


James: Hey man, you wanna go to the Starbucks?
Billy: Which one?
James: The one in Arligton.
Billy: Dude, there are like 15 there.
James: The one at Ballston.
Billy: You mean the one in the mall, or the one right outside the mall?
James: Gahhhhhh I hate Northern Virginia!
by t3h133t0str1ch April 11, 2011
Northern Virgina or "NOVA" for short is an area in the due North and North Eastern part of Commonwealth of Virginia. This area is dominated by the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and the city of Alexandria. In addition it contains many smaller cities which share common boarders/land with the larger counties.

In this region south and West of the Potomac River, also very far South of the Mason Dixon line, the most arrogant and staunch yuppies found in the Commonwealth if Virginia can be found. Even those considered "lower class" in this region live far better than your average person. In addition, while there are a high number of immigrants in this region, many of them prefer to be considered "Caucasian."

Northern Virginians love to play dual roles. First they claim to be "northern" which in fact they are just a step above Red Necks and one step below Hill Billies on the evolutionary chain.
Finally they all proclaim they are
from the District of Columbia or "D.C

If a Northern Virginian was dropped of on Martin Luther King Ave in SE Washington, or Suitland PKWY where D.C. and Prince Georges County Maryland boarder, said Virginian would pee his/her pants.
Most people from the "NOVA" area have never been beyond Georgetown in the District of Columbia (which ironically boarders Arlington County/Roslyn V.A.) and very few of them ever venture beyond their sheltered communities and ways of life.
Guy#1 "So where are you from?"

Guy#2 " Northern Virginia "

Guy#1 "Cool, my family is from Virginia."

Guy#2 "How dare you sur...you have insulted my honor and I demand satisfaction! I ain't no kinda southern hick from Virginia, I'm a Yankee BOY!"

Guy: "Oh so you just moved into this city, it can be a scary place, where you from?"

Girl: "Not it's like...not, I'm from like D.C.!"

Guy: "Aww cool, which part? I grew up in North East D.C. off Eastern Ave, then moved out to Sliver Spring Maryland before coming here, what about you?"

Girl: "Uhmmm...I lived in like uhmmm Fairfax and my BFF is from Arlington."

Girl: "Is North East like the other part of Georgetown?"
by professionalism March 16, 2009
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