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Location - Northern Virgina is jagged circular area that is bordered by Potomac, Maryland and DC..OH and of course..Regular.. Virginia. Where the "Mid-Atlantic"(People who can't except the fact that they live in the south and would like to be called middle) ends. Nothern Virgina's "border" ends in Stafford County, Virginia. Which beside Spotsy, Virginia which is nicknamed "Back in the Bushes".

People - Scum of the earth to "regular" Virginia and consider Virginia to be a redneck filled confederate flag waving hick state. They refuse to be apart of Virginia and the South since most of the inhabitants are rich northern migrants who came to exploit cheap land and labor in the 70s and have spawned Nova yuppies ever since. The public schools look more like private schools. They refuse to acknowledge the fact they are below the mason-dixon line and that the area has a rich confederate history also they consider themselves superior to any and everyone.Don't bother debating anything with them, they think have an answer to everything.
They do not consider themselves to be apart of Virginia at all and you'll hear them refer to themselves as the 51st state which we proud Virginians wish would happen.
Don't expect to see the 1861 Virginia Flag on any house in Northern Virginia.
Virginan - Look ya'll give us some of southern maryland and you can stick Northern Virginia up your ass. *Virginia crowd cheers*

Marylander - Eeeaaah I guess that's a good trade, southern maryland has nothing in common with us and northern Virgina has nothing in common with you all so let's do it.

Northern Virginians - YIPPIE! *nerd cheers* WE ARE FINALLY APART OF MARYLAND!
by Richardddd May 22, 2006
Apparently considered by the rest of Virginia as "uncultured", obtuse, and border-line elitist. As for the elitism, this author can assure you as an elitist themselves it is not, and far from it. As for the cultural aspect of the equation it seems quite odd since there is a high content of ethnicities and nationalities residing in Northern Virginia. However, as the majority of the adults living in the suburbs of NoVa commute to Washington D.C., a government and urban area it is not as "Southern" as the rest of VA. Although, as the aforementioned population is very diverse, it does consist of a melting pot of culture, and therefore are more tolerant of a global community acting as one. Moving on, since Northern Virginia has lots of "noveau riche" folk (as said by someone living in a Southern part of Virginia) and highly paid government employees, it seems as if although cordial and when talking to strangers worry-free of politics, religion, business, et cetera; they are in fact quite knowledgeable of at least one of the topics. As for wanting to be part of the "North", this simply is not true as the Civil War is over.
I work in DC for the gov't but live in the suburbs of Northern Virginia,
by Oedipus-Rex July 06, 2011
Its so funny how people from there don't know the truth about Northern Virginia they claim there everyone from Southern Virginia are rednecks and poor. Actually Hampton roads is one of the riches region the united state it out beats Fairfax Loundon and all them So called rich counties our houses are bigger and on water front property they want to be like us so bad there houses are like small plantation homes Modeled from the houses in Richmond and Williamsburg lol. Also government offices like the CIA where moved to southern VA (Richmond) and there military orders come from Hampton roads so really you guys have no right to brag because people down in southern VA have government jobs too. and more people come down here to do businesses because we have a better location tourist and stuff. the only thing you guys pay are our beach's its so funny how you guys can talk shit but come play on our beaches GO BACK TO YOUR UPPITY SO CALLED RICH AREA AND FIND SOME BEACHES UP THERE SINCE WERE SO BAD. THE WHOLE STATE HATES YOU GUYS YOU MITE AS WELL BECOME A PART OF MARYLAND OR JUST BECOME AN INDEPENDENT STATE SINCE YOU GUYS ARE SO RICH.
Why do people from Northern Virginia hate on people from Southern Virginia?

Because they want to be like us look at their homes they're modeled like ours but 3 times as smaller as we live in a 7 bedroom home they live in like a 3 lol.
by djej01 April 14, 2012
The northern part of virginia, comprised of suburbs of washington DC. Taxes collected in northern virginia are spent in southern virginia on poor people and farming equipment, while the people of northern virginia destroy their cars attempting to drive on roads full of pot holes and trash.
Southern virginia: you guys in northern virginia suck! you arent the south. stop calling us red necks and acting like rich yuppies!
Northern virginia: stop taking out tax money and calling us names, we cant help living slightly north of you, and we are NOT (all) rich. obviously you have not been to northern virginia.
by 70333333333 July 10, 2008
the small yet powerful, democratic, sophisticated, rich, mixed-race part of virginia.
I am from northern virginia, not to be confused with the rest of virginia.
by ThatKidWhoGoesToYHS March 26, 2009
It gives the rest of Virginia a bad name. The area of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with about 3 million snobs next to Washington DC, that should to do the rest of Virginia a favor and seceed to Maryland. It's an urban hell on earth and the epitome of urban sprawl gone ammock. Unlike the rest of Virginia, it is generally liberal, highly diverse, highly urbanized, streets gangs (MS 13 is the largest), a ridiculous cost of living, agonizing traffic, too much urban sprawl, a highly skilled and young workforce, and too many arrogant yuppies who live close to DC. The most jobs are in the Federal Government, high-tech firms, healthcare, law, and communications. Asians, Hispanics and blacks live everywhere. As much as Northern Virginia sucks, the best places to live are in Centerville, Chantilly and Leesburg. Dont live any closer to DC than Fairfax or Reston. The people are very materialistic, fake, shallow, stuck up and think the country revolves around them. There is a megamall called Tyson’s Corner near the 495 Beltway that only rich people are allowed to patronize, and the regular middle-class ilk are mocked. Washington Dulles and Reagan National Airports are located in Northern Virginia. The people are up in the clouds and often forget they are SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon line and part of the old Confederacy. It is often difficult to get anything done in Northern Virginia (especially extending the METRO to Dulles and other plans to ease traffic congestion) because EVERYTHING is full of politics and Red Tape--perhaps due to the closeness of Washington, DC.

Northern Virginia gives the state a bad name.
I live in Northern Virginia for a few years, and hated every minute of it.
by krock1dk May 09, 2008
NOVA or Northern Virginia are the suburbs of Washington D.C. Some of the richest counties in the United States. Anybody in Loudoun, Prince William. Fairfax and Arlington county are considered from NOVA. When asked where they are from they always respond "Northern Virginia, right outside of D.C." instead of Virginia. Disaffiliates themselves from Southern Virginia
"Where are you from?"
"Northern Virginia, right outside D.C."
by Northern Virginian YES May 02, 2010
I don't get why all these stupid southern Virginians think were all rich and shit. Ive lived here all my life and there are gangs and ghettos. The only really rich place is great falls and everybody hates people who live there because they are rich and snobby but that's only a very small part of northern virginia.
stereotypical southern Virginian:Go to hell you stupid rich northern Virginian

northern Virginian(only slightly stereotypical):oh so I should go to southern virginia then.
by North VA! April 06, 2011