A part of Virginia that is one of the richest (Great falls, Ashburn, Centreville, Chantilly,Arlington, Sterling ect) but yet over populated with illegal immigrants and Spanish and Asian gangs. Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Manassas, PWC, and even Loudon County have some of the worst illegal immigration problems in the nation. Allot of Northern VA is turning into a little Haiti or something except more like a little Honduras. There are Peruvian and el-Salvadorian places galore in NOVA. An entire part of Falls Church is all Vietnamese. A section of Alexandria City called Arlanda is known as little El-Salvador (Its on wikipedia!). Annandale has a section that is all in Korean. I can’t read that shit. It starts to make me wonder is this even America? I don’t know how this is one of the richest places when New York or New Jersey cost almost twice the cost of living it does here. And that’s a fact! Overall if you decide to come check this place out The city of Alexandria is probably the only one I would check out. And for the Centreville and Chantilly people that keep putting up this and that about there the gang capital of NOVA bullshit. Let me make this perfectly clear NOVA is soft except for Alexandria and the outskirts of Falls Church like Culmore. So shut the fuck up. And for southern Virginians that hate us for well, why? Fuck off get a life. I would much rather live here that in the seven cities or Richmond simply because there is a hell of a lot more to do here than down there. That southern hospitality talk is bullshit most people in Richmond are assholes. VA Beach is a hick town with ignorant ass people and the same crime rates as NOVA so stop acting all thug and shit. Here’s my point Alexandria 6.0 per 100,000. Virginia Beach 5.6 per 100,000. Suffolk co is one of the safest counties next to Fairfax look it up on wikipedia SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!
I live in Northern Virginia.

I used to like Northern Virginia.
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by hellaweedhure September 19, 2008
Majority of these definitions of 'Northern Virginia' were artfully created by uneducated and bitter Southern Virginians. Northern Virginia (Often referred to as 'Nova') is a suburban location that is diverse in many aspects.

Fairfax County is one of the richest counties in the entire country according to the annual income made by families. Majority of those who acquire such a salary made it through college. This is a major turn-off to southerners. God forbid they speak proper English, and learn something other then how to properly lynch a "foreigner." Oh. and southern hospitality my ass, majority of them are rude, and racist. (Not to be stereotypical, but it's true).

The children of NOVA, according to these southerners, are "rich little brats." I'm sorry we have people (parents, guardians) who provide for us, and you're stuck shoveling cow shit for the rest of your life. Northern Virginians live comfortable lives; food in the stomach, house above your head, and a sexy ass car parked in the mansions garage.

Everyone has one life to live, we're just making ours worthwhile (unless you're into reincarnation; that's a completely different story).The material world can be a big part of our lives, but we still have morals, and we still have respect for others. Northern Virginians are accepting and welcoming people.

This is the land of opportunities, and while southerners are giving cows hand jobs, we're living the good life.
Southern Virginian in NOVA: TOO MANY COLORS! Time to get my rifle from back when my gramps was in the confederacy ya'll!

Northern Virginian: You're from Southern Virginia aren't you? It's okay, we understand you don't understand anything, but we'll accept you into our kind community.
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by NovaHova February 12, 2010
Okay, so I live in NOVA and I just got really pissed when I read this Southern Virginian bastard's definition:

"So Northern Virginia, please do the rest of the state a favor, and become part of Maryland. Northern Virginia you're money will not be missed because you have no class."

Our money will not be missed? Excuse me, but Northern Virginia pays a huge percent of the state taxes compared to its size. So our money goes to you Southern wankers so you can actually go to a decent school. And maybe we will leave, then at least our hard-earned money won't go to ungrateful assholes like you.

Most Southern Virginians have never been to Northern Virginia, they're just making up things to make us look bad because they know we're better than them.

Most of us aren't spoiled brats, our parents *just* make a lot of money. We are most definitely not snobby.

-I've lived in Reston (NOVA) for a very long time, and I can just say I met some of the truest, funniest, smartest, beautiful (on the inside, and out), and most down-to-earth people in my entire life. I've met so many FUCKEN AMAZING people and I love them all to death.

Stop stereotyping us because you have no fucking idea of anything in Northern Virginia.

So go get a life fuck yourselves, Southern Virginians, you know no one else will.

(Hey, if you're a Southern Virginian and you don't hate us Novans, I didn't mean you. I'm only being a bitch because someone else was.)
Southern Virginian: Northern VA has no class, no money, no decent people.

Northern Virginian: Oh look whos talking.
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by PissedOffRestonerr February 19, 2010
Not to be confused with the rest of Virginia. More accurately considered part of D.C.
Person A: ew youre from Virginia- are you a redneck??
Person B: NO, i'm from Northern Virginia.
by Virginias4luverz November 29, 2004
Where I live!! its really different from the rest of Virginia, not better or worse just different. nobody really considers it southern, either, but a lotta people move here from the south. sum people think n.Virginia should be its own state but i think thats stupid... a lotta people from southern (and middle maybe?) Virginia think that northern Virginia is snobby and a disgrace to their southern state of Virginia. a lotta people from northern Virginia think southern Virginia is hick and northern Virginia is better. but umm, i dont.. some people say northern Virginia is wealthy and i used to think that i guess kinda but now i go to a different school and there are sum really, really ghetto people so i dont anymore.
i love Virginia!!!...all of it!!
by ~ March 10, 2005
Region that makes southern virginia hicks envious because of its jobs, wealth, and abundance of literate adults.

Region used to describe a suburban area of DC; a region where cool people live.
Northern Virgnia is the coolest place in the world.
by Yeah northern viginia October 02, 2003
the place were you get good weed and the girls are fine as hell. Alexandria, VA BITCHES.
new yorker:nigga were you from
person from va: northern virginia
new yorker: what part
person from va: alexandria nigga
new yorker: i know some people from there and they cool people, plus i herd yall bitches is fine
person from va: you heard right
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by va huztla July 12, 2006
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