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A school district in Eastern Central Pennsylvania. The High school and Middle School are both in Slatington... enough said. The sluttiness of the 14 year old girl's dominates the school with a passion . They got fucking see-through backpacks where you can see all the condoms (extra tiny small by the way). The only reason the teachers don't stop this is because they want them to wear see-through clothes. The educational system is sub-par minus eleventy billion. You can get staight A high honor roll student and be dumb as shit at LCCC. Ummmmm it's falling apart too.
I am as dumb as shit so we moved to the Nothern Lehigh School District.

I am a 14 year old slut so I am queen at Nothern Lehigh School District.
by death2qwerty January 27, 2005
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A school district located in Slatington, PA. It is known for it's odd substitute teachers, and spending way too much money in its athletic programs. The music department is almost completely ignored, and is diminishing. The students know that they are in a horrible district, and they cannot escape it.
Northern Lehigh School District is a black hole absorbing the hopes and dreams of students.
by Sasuke Hater January 27, 2008
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