University for Arizona residents that are too dumb to go to Arizona State or Arizona University. Only complete sub 70 on the IQ scale morons from out of state make the decision to go to this school.
I got a 640 on my SAT's so I'm going to Northern Arizona University
by Matt Smith October 14, 2003
Top Definition
The coolest University known to Earth! Three words...high altitude training!
ASU "student":
Dude how come you can out drink me?
NAU awesome person:
Cus I go to Northern Arizona University the coolest college known to Earth!
by xpartygonewildx April 17, 2007
A public university located in Flagstaff, Arizona. A better option for Arizona residents who prefer snowboarding over suntanning. NAU is the hardest school to get into in the state of Arizona - they require a higher SAT/ACT score for entrance in combination with GPA from high school students.

NAU offers excellence in academic opportunities and socializing. Well known HRM program and Forestry College.

Northern Arizona University houses the Arizona Cardinals for training in summertime.

I am not a slut and my IQ is relatively high so I came to Northern Arizona University .
by L-Jack May 28, 2008
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