The shittiest school on the planet. This school is under construction and it looks and smells like shit. The student population is 98% white trash/wigger, the other 2% being barn animals. The school has a barn on "campus". Let that one sink in. IT HAS A FUCKING BARN ON CAMPUS. How dirty and white trash is that? The kids there are the creme of the crop. They are the dirtiest, poorest kids you will ever meet in your life. They all drive their big dirty hick pick up trucks with their huge white trash Confederate flags flying proud off the back. The white trash population rivals that of the state of West Virginia. Half of the student population drops out before graduating, and most go on to work for the elite private schoolers as a janitor. All in all this school is the worst place in the universe. The kids are dirty, smell, and the worst part is you don't receive an education. You are better off spending a little money and going to private school.
Drive your tractor to school day
by Mr. Reed May 30, 2005
Top Definition
The school located in Northern Harford County near the Baltimore County and Pennsylvania lines. Yes, we have an extensive Agriculture Department, an on-campus barn with livestock, and a "Drive Your Tractor To School" Day. But that's ok. We are awesome kids who throw the best damn field parties ever and we'd rather be labeled as "hicks" than be a Fallston heroin addict. We always say "hello" and are genuinely the nicest and most sincere people you will ever meet. The parking lot consists of BIG trucks and...more trucks. We drink beer, listen to country music, and wear Carhartts all year long. We hang out in barns, fields, or anywhere the 4-wheel drive can take us. Our sports teams are awesome...fear the hawk. We have the usual cliques - preps, jocks, freaks, geeks and plain Janes but we all share one common pride, "Once a duckfarmer, always a duckfarmer."
by DuckFarmer March 26, 2005
I thought NH sucked in high school, but thats b/c it was high school. I would give anything to be able to see another tracker driven to school with such pride as our AG boys did or to sit with my best friends at lunch (eating the best cookies:))talking about what parties we were going to and what field they were in!High school sucks but I am proud to be a duck farmer so keep quacking at us Fallston! Im glad I went to NH and wouldnt trade in any memory there- good or bad!!!
Get 'er Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by strawberries85 April 11, 2005
Kids from North Harford are good kids. They aren't brats like people from Fallston. They work hard for what they want, they dont get everything handed to them on a platter from Mom and Dad. There are the typical clicks and groups, but everyone gets along because they don't think that they are better than everyone.
Student #1: (falls down steps)
Student#2: "Oh let me help you"....notice student #2 dosent lauph and keep walking.
by Jen March 24, 2005
Two steps up from Johny Caroll.
Oh boy, I think I see a North Harford Highschool, and it's taking a shit on John Caroll!
by Ugly Slipper April 01, 2005
I go/went to NHHS. I thought it was fucking LAME.

All the kids are wiggers and/or wanna be hardasses. I'd like to see what would happen if you dropped them on the block in downtown Baltimore and then see how gangsta they are then. LOL. You live on or near a farm assholes. your not black. you did not grow up in the projects. YOUR WHITE. and your dad is a farmers. LOL.

The faculty thinks they are running a prision and the school is dirty and old. other then that it was fine.

and way to go john carroll poster. you look like a complete asshole...

way to brag about beiong addicted to hard drugs. hope mommy and daddy pay to get you outta a coma.

just remember mommy n daddy can't pay to get you outta death when you O.D. on drugs or wreck your brand new M3 @ the age of 16.
this has been an example of why high school is dumb, and people think it is so cool. LAME
by -Straight ghettoo- March 27, 2005
the ass of the ass of maryland. Nickname: Duck farmers. Too poor too afford drugs, so that is their nickname. Contains such organizations as the Future Farmers of America. Any student that goes there is recommend for fscking and taring.
I hate John Carroll! They've got better cars, better drugs, fuck, they've got everything we don't! Well, at least they've got the stuff that'll get you places in life.
by TT March 20, 2005
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