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A wonderfull place which is home to the highest mountians east of the rockies and some of the most beautiful coastline on the eastern seaboard. A land where it doesn't pay to be a nigger, wetback, rice boy, curry head, camel jocky or liberal. A state conquered by Scots-Irish, German and Anglo-Saxon warriors and settlers. A state where soon immigration will be limited to other white southerners and europeans only. We have excellent barbeque and a beautiful countryside. The cities are overrun with the aformentioned human trash, but we're working on that.
If you are a liberal race traitor, or are a member of any of the sub-human races mentioned above get the fuck out of North Carolina.
by the guy who fucked obama October 30, 2012
From a yankees prespective:

North Carolina is the complete opposite of how I used to live in New York.

People here range from nice to rude. The nice people have class and are polite to everyone, including yankees. On the other hand the "red neck" kind of people live low and disgusting lives. Their lawn is festered with junk, they hate everyone, and they are stupid.

The weather is mild year round. Summers are hot and the winters are slighly cool. It nevers rains and their is always a drought. When it snow, it unspectactular. It is only about an inch and they cancell school for it. You can go each day wearing shorts.

This state is big on southern food. People here love barbeque and the sweetest and greasest fried food.They preffer grits to oatmeal.hey don't know what saurkraut is. Most of the new york style food resturants are owned and run by yankees who open shop here. The food is good and offers a alternative to southern food. Most dignifed southerns won't eat this food because they thinks it is to greasy.

Everyone loves ACC basketball. They love it so much that they make you watch it in school. Don't talk shit about any of the top name schools. Let them do that. The Carolina Panthers, the NFL team, are a real good team who all of a sudden became good. The Hurricanes, The NHL team, is pretty good as well. Their is no MLB team but they love the Braves. So it kind of sucks to be a Met fan (which is what I am).

The schools here are not that great. UNC is full of hicks, Duke is to presitge, NC State is for the gifted, and UNCG is for losers.

You need a car to get anywhere. the traffic is not bad and the taxis are for reservation (kind of wierd).

If you are catholic (like me) or jewish, you will be discriminated because of the way you practice your faith. Within every mile there is a bapist church.

Word of advice, never pull out your rosary.

Everyone says "y'all" and they even teach it in the schools. If you were not born in the south, this word has to be forced out. Don't ever say "youse" or people will lecture you on how to speak. Soda is called pop,they never refer pizza as a pie, and they live the phrase "Im fixin to."

The dress code here is unflattering. People wear camo and clothing of hunting apperal. But people do dress nice by wearing polo shirts and straight leg pants.

One last thing, they take their confederate pride seriously. To them, the south will rise again and the confederate flag should be flown from every house. Mess with this tradition and the KKK will hunt you down.

To conclude, I will never conform to this life sytle.
Real life situation I once faced in North Carolina:
People from my high school knew I was not from here but I had alot of friends. One day, they were dicussing about what they were going to do for the holidays. I joined in the conversation but they said to me "We are talking about Christmas, not Huanakah you fucking kike." I said "I'm not jewish, I'm catholic and I do celerbrate Christmas." It came clear to me, these people are so racist that if you are not from here, the quickly judge who you are.
by No information September 15, 2007
hell on earth via LA just located in the south east
Bill: lets go to north carolina!

Satan: hey you know i was born there!
by OmgImwhite November 21, 2007
North Carolina: A weird state where the cities have absolutely no side walks, no bike paths, everyone is in their cars. A state were people actually have accents and like shopping in malls, where most of the teenagers have no taste in clothes or they cannot afford to shop at Anthropologie and instead huddle up in the Abercrombie and Fitch, and where the schools have inside cafeterias and everything is inside
Californian: I swear to god there are no side-walks in Charlotte, and just because its November, people look at me weird for wearing a skirt, from american appeal, which they do not have here! I hate North Carolina. Oh and none of the kids here smoke weed, the only thing their smokin' is cigarrettes, god their so stupid.

Caliornian 2: I'm so sorry.
by The Telephone Wires December 26, 2007
A place where people who hate their own states can come and hate this one. Rated as the best place to live in America but in reality, is just as bad as everywhere else that Starbucks has taken over. Its filled with out-of-towners trying to fit in and confused rednecks trying to hold on to their Confederacy heritage that is irrelevent because the Rebels lost the war.
Those kids from North Carolina sure are stupid, rich, and confused.
by col da bol May 01, 2005
The second-greatest state in the Union, just behind South Carolina.
Growing up, whenever we saw a car with North Carolina tags, it was usually speeding by us at Mach 1.
by Donovan McKechnie May 04, 2006