A wonderfull place which is home to the highest mountians east of the rockies and some of the most beautiful coastline on the eastern seaboard. A land where it doesn't pay to be a nigger, wetback, rice boy, curry head, camel jocky or liberal. A state conquered by Scots-Irish, German and Anglo-Saxon warriors and settlers. A state where soon immigration will be limited to other white southerners and europeans only. We have excellent barbeque and a beautiful countryside. The cities are overrun with the aformentioned human trash, but we're working on that.
If you are a liberal race traitor, or are a member of any of the sub-human races mentioned above get the fuck out of North Carolina.
by the guy who fucked obama October 30, 2012
The state above South Carolina. Somehow, a very thin state line managed to separate the very awesome state of North Carolina (and its beautiful mountains) from the shithole of a state that is South Carolina
"South Carolina is shit. North Carolina is much better."
by psuedonyms are pointless October 21, 2009
the tightest fuckin state ever. home to some killa-ass weed
i went back to North Carolina this summer and got high as a mufucka
by Khronic March 12, 2006
North Carolina has its country sides (duh)
and then has its urban cities: (1)Charlotte
I know I forgot soem cities but..I could care less, just giving you an idea.
no examples available.
by City Bandit May 03, 2005
The 12th state to ratify the constitution. Has some big cities, like Greensboro (the best one), and Charlotte, and lots of smaller towns in the country. College basketball is the main sport, because schools like Duke and UNC are consistently successful. The ONLY state in America where you can visit the mountains, beach, and city in the same day. You can't call us rednecks- I mean cmon we have an NBA team. Also pretty kickass climate-wise because I can wear shorts year-round.
If you went to any of the states that border North Carolina (Virginia, Tennessee, and especially South Carolina), you'd get your ass on the soonest flight back.
by Tikibarberfan July 11, 2010
To sum up, North Carolina is basically the South's version of California: it has plenty of urbane cities, mountians, and beautiful coastline. There's something there for everyone (This coming from someone outside of the South), including counties and cities full of lefties and some that are crammed full of rednecks. By and large it does seem to get a bad rap, perhaps becuase of its proximity to South Carolina, which is utterly dysfunctional.
I went to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and found it similiar to Berkeley, California and Madison, Wisconsin
by cmb53208 October 23, 2010
An all American state that is just below the Mason-Dixon line enough to have that Southern charm and just North enough to be a great vacation destination. With perfect beaches a minute to the East and beautiful mountians, like no other, a ride to the West. Where the best memories are made with those Carolina girls/guys through all the seasons.Theres no other like Carolina ღ~ღ
Where did you go this summer?

Man I hit up the North Carolina coast

Ah mucho(A lot of) Hotties?

Oh si, Mi amigo, si
(oh yes, my friend, yes)

Sweet dude

If you only knew ;)
by Della Creech February 16, 2009
north carolina...home to RJR tobacco, Krispy Kreme, beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains. the state is not full of southern rednecks as is thought by plenty of yankee's. also home to 4 great ACC college teams: Wake Forest, UNC, NC State, and Duke. either you hate UNC and love duke or vice versa. ACC is life around here, North carolinian's live and breath basketball. michael jordan is also from the lovely town of Greensboro and he played ball for UNC.
north carolina, home of tobacco, cheerwine, mountain dew, pepsi, and krispy kreme
by iacbgap December 13, 2005

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