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Could possibly be one of the most uneventfully boring towns on the face of the Earth. With 6 Subways and 19 Dunkin Donuts in an 8 mile radius it enables most people to gain mass amounts of weight on donuts and then proceed to lose it quickly eating Subway subs. Masterful idea. The most exciting thing to do in this town is drive around to the Manor or Georgetown and hope to see a gang fight or something.
North Brunswick is to New Jersey what Canada is to North America. Nobody knows its there, nobody cares about it.
by Ron Mexico April 22, 2005
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Stuck between Milltown, and New Brunswick, North Brunswick is the center of the heart of Weird NJ. This town is filled with so much Drama(and we aren't talking about the Alchemist), a bunch of kids that think they are gheto, and a hell of a lot of asians. Overall, North Brunswick schools are ok, other then they toold us not to walk on the lawn at linwood, and then ripped it up. Also, the students of the class of 2011, all think they can get Gonoreia just by sitting on the toilet, hugging someone, or drinking water. North Brunswick is also home to many weird things, including bicycle bob, the mysterious gaterade bottle, and the hundred different Kearny Drives.
North Brunswick is one WEIRD ass town.
by b kool March 07, 2009
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What began as an small Italian-American community in central New Jersey grew to be one of the most liberal towns in Middlesex County. #7 Tiquan Underwood of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights attended Linwood Middle School in north Brunswick, before moving on to a HS other than NBTHS. Bordered by East Brunswick and New Brunswick (Home of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights), it contains Farrington Lake, a PathMark, ShopRite, and an A&P. Though it is small and sometimes unnoticeable, it still is important...Right?
--There has been no signifigant events as to put North Brunswick 'on the map.'
by Rutgersfan November 04, 2007
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A town in central New Jersey. Has way too many mexicans and blacks. There are also about 5 different Subway restaurant within one mile of each other. The schools are ghetto. The roof leeks, but the teachers are pretty ok.
Jersey ghetto North Brunswick
by Victoria Luna September 08, 2011
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