A city in western new york, also known as nt, it is the home of the carousel, with the Carousel Museum. It also has a famous long-lasting high school footbal rivalry with the closest city to it, tonawanda, entitled: TNT (Tonawanda-North Tonawanda).
Oh my god, I live in North Tonawanda!
by Hall Monitor Suze June 02, 2005
Top Definition
A some what ghetto-ish city. Most of the population are potheads. A lot of wiggers too. Theres a lot of scumbags and white trash. Theres nothing to do here so most kids spend there time at the plaza giving bj's at Mc Donalds.
Hey wanna go to the plaza? ... Why?... Its north tonawanda what else are we supposed to do.
by Left Turns October 16, 2010
North Tonawanda, or "NT" is a small town infested with wiggers (wannabe blacks). The youth are known to act like their from Niagara Falls and use the word "scum" or "scummy" often.
That kid is a wannabe. He must be from North Tonawanda.
by Gramma Kyzer July 29, 2011
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