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A high school located in North Port, Florida. The school is mainly populated by wannabe rednecks and their pregnant bitches who all seem to think that camo outfits are "desirable." The average girl at North Port HS has already had about 2.5 children, via several baby dadyzzz. So many students smoke weed, that even the teachers dabble in it from time to time. The average combined IQ of the school (teachers included) is roughly 108 (and that is being generous). NPHS has some of THE worst teachers in the nation. If your looking for a school where you can spend your entire four year, high school experience high as a kite, then North Port High School is the place for you!
Redneck 1 and North Port High School (Florida): Hey, let's pretend to be hard-core Confederate scumbags, and where camo all the time like dumb hicks, and talk about fishing and hunting all the time, and date fat nasty girls, even though in reality we have two brain cells to split between the five of us and are pretty much white trash?

Redneck 2: Dam! My girlfriend is also my cousin!
by Pebblezzz August 06, 2011

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