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The more advanced side of New Jersey, and the side that is more influenced by New York. In North Jersey, the Yankees/Mets, Knicks/Nets, & Devils/Rangers/Islanders get more press then in South Jersey (We're not all Yankee fans, FYI). Also, there is a stereotype that we all have New York Accents, which is wrong. Most of us don't have an accent at all, and those that do live VERY close to New York.

There are Diners everywhere, true, but New Jersey is the Diner state, so that can't really be blamed on North NJ.
In North Jersey:

- We read the Star Ledger, not the Asbury Park Press.
- We use SPRINKLES, not Jimmies.
- We eat SUBS, not Hoagies.
- Channel 4 is NBC. Not 3.
- None of us have any f*cking idea what a Wawa is.
- We really don't give a shit how the Phillies do.
- Atlantic City isn't sentimental to us.

(These views are mine, not yours)
by Zach G. December 24, 2004
The northern region of New Jersey. Provides easy access to NYC. If you're from North Jersey as opposed to South Jersey, you are much cooler by comparison.
"I'm from Jersey"
"What part?"
"North Jersey"
by Andy May 06, 2003
The best place ever. We use SPRINKLES, not jimmies, we like the yankees/mets, not the eagles, and we like subs, not hoagies.I come from there, trust me, it IS the best place ever. I love it there.
North Jersey owns South Jersey
by Thegreatgeno May 12, 2007
basically the families of people who work in new york. about 87 times better then south jersey.not everyone is a guido and there and there really arent that many. actually most people in north jersey hate guidos and the bad rep they give us. if you live in north jersey you most likely go to the city extreamly often and know it almost as well as any newyorker. and yes we talk normally however a slight jersey accent can slip out when angry.i have lived in north jersey my entire life and have never said joisey, i go to diners 24/7, really dislike the mall (sorry guys) and i greatly dislike guidos.

welcome to suberbia its pretty rad here
nobody in north jersey like a guido because who could ever take a boy who goes to tanning salons, plucks there eyebrows everyday, listens to techo and is constantly makeing kissy faces seriously
by sarah lang March 05, 2006
The quinessential NJ. With well over 50 diners and 4 malls within a twenty minute radius from my house, it don't get much better than this.
Dur yer frum nort jerzeye u sure dem do talkin' funnie. HEY PAW GIT ME MA SHUTGUN ES UNDERNEAT DA CONFEDRAT FLAG!
by dennis February 06, 2004
a land of contrast, where the factories and poor towns are about 15 miles south of Manhattan,where the middle class towns are about 5-20 miles west of Manhattan, and where The Rich Towns entire Bergen, Passaic, Western Essex,a dn north Union County. Also where there are at least 1 mall close to your house that has stores like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, and Burberry. If you could choose anywhere to liv in the world, choose North Jersey, Beacuse its got a beautiul landscape, is really rich, and has easy access to the largest city in the USA!
Q: Where are you from??
A: North Jersey
Q: Wow, you must be rich, Right??
A: SUPER rich, you mean
by North Jersey Boi August 11, 2005
Part of Jersey that is VERY close to New York and seems more city-like than South Jersey. South Jersey residents love to hate on us North Jersey people because we are more advanced and don't depend on hoes and beers to have fun. Yes, i admit that South Jersey is a nice place to go for the summer, but what the fuck to they do when summer's over? It's a lame ass area once it gets a little breezy. They also seem to be a bit racist, considering that they crack on North Jersey people for their mix of races. Don't be jealous cuz we're more divorce. Most of South Jersey is occupied by ignorant whites who give latinos and african americans the only dirty looks when they visit. South Jersey=Lame. So what if north jersey has some rougher neighborhoods. It just shows that the residents there could adjust to different, harder environments. They don't have to stay in their little simple boring towns in South Jersey.
Megan: Oh My Gahhd! Im from South Jersey & i absolutely love it there !!!

Me: Lame -__-

*North Jersey is where i'm at ;D
by XXiStateFactsXX July 05, 2009
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