Geography-wise, the worst state in the union. Gives Kansas a run for its money in flatness, and has the added bonus of the coldest winters on the continent. Not too many hicks, but the majority of people who live here are white and old--young people tend to move away as soon as they graduate. The only source of civilization, Fargo, is basically an extension of Minnesota. All in all a waste of land and should probably be sold to Canada or something.
North Dakota? Is that even a state?
by lcduke April 29, 2007
39th State, Peace Garden State
Largest Cities: Fargo, and ummmmm Fargo.
State Motto: Better than Iowa.
State Flower: Wild Praire rose
State Tree: North Dakota has no trees.
Population: 642,200, 9.3 per sq. mile. Exaggerated US Census
Short description: North Dakota doesn't have a whole lot to offer unless you enjoy seeing nothing. A grass and wheat kind of Iowa if you will, with less hicks. Fargo is the center of everything in the state and is close enough to Minnesota that it should belong to them. The state has a number of college's notorious for their drinking, "nothing else to do." Yet this state's greatest claim to fame is the movie Fargo which only has about 10 minutes shot here. Yet as in the movie, North Dakota in the winter is a barren, frozen wasteland. Here the wind is always blowing, the grass is always growing, and the women are always moooing.
I wish we had flown instead of driven across North Dakota, I almost died of boredom.
by SeanMurface April 09, 2006
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