The part of Alabama that somehow broke off and joined the Great White North. This state is just like Alabama except there are no blacks or Mexicans. There are also no gays since North Dakota has the death penalty for fucking each other in the ass.
How come the Census Bureau named North Dakota the best state to get a job? Because everyone in North Dakota actually works for a living instead of leeching off Social Security, welfare, and entitlement benefits.
by DickSuckinMotherFucker March 23, 2011
The state we should give Canada because it's so lame and stupid. Where the people need to learn their correct vowel sounds because apparenly the "A" to them sounds like a "E". Where in the high schools everyone gets there friends to beat you up because there such pansies and don't know how to really fight. This is the state where ur friends parents are related to each other (more then likely there cousins). Where everyone that walks into the ER usually ends up in the mental Heath unit. This state is also like drug city, no one has anything else to go so they become druggies. The girls in north Dakota think its ok to go to the tanning bed every week then where a camo prom dress to the prom. This is also the state where everyone is 2 years behind on EVERYTHING! Oh and the people there are just a bag of rocks, pretty much use less. Where people don't have anything better to do then hang out at the mall that only has 5 stores. This is the place where if you tell someone a secret, well you might as well be telling the secret through the intercom because everyone will know it by the end of the day! Also the state where the weather is like a lottery ticket, you don't know if your going to win or loose, you don't know if it will be sunny one day then be blizzarding the next. Normal people have come to conclusion that when it comes to ND and mother nature.....she is always on crack sorta like the people! Hahaha yea I think this covers it all!!!!!!
North Dakota person: Do you need a beg?
Normal American: WTF, a what!?!?
North Dakota person: you know my beg....
Normal American: No actually I don't know, but I would like a bag. I'm not going to beg for a damn bag!

North Dakota person: what's a bag?
Normal American: *sighhh* I give up!
by F*** north Dakota from M May 14, 2011
The most useless fucking place in the United States. Known for it's....
So anyways, if you have a chance to go there, don't.
I'd rather live in purgatory than this useless turd of a chunk of frozen dirt on the nutsack of a camel. Honestly, I'm reading about how great North Dakota is, but nobody will say why. The only thing to do is underage drink. If you're not underage then you're pretty much fucked. After that the only thing to do is fuck goats and eat pickled fish shit. God damn it. North Dakota is the ball bag of America.
See: Herpes
Osama: "Hey, Let's bomb North Dakota."
Saddam: "Why the fuck would we bomb North Dakota? The only things that are there are trees and cow shit."
Osama: "We live in North Dakota."
Saddam: "Oh yeah."
by antinorthdakota August 28, 2009
Only state in the Union that does not exist.

If you really want to go there, the only way is through Area 51 where they have a machine that freezes you to absolute zero and transports you instantaneously to North Dakota (a.k.a. the only state in the Union that does not exist).
What do superman and North Dakota have in common?

They don't exist!!!
by Oceanridge91 November 19, 2007
there is almost nothing there; farmers, plains, prarie, fat people, roosevelt natl park and fargo- that's all to north dakota
North dakota- what the hell is there?
by StatesDude April 01, 2004
Misconstrude as a "hick" state where they dont have cars or shit and ride horses all day, milking cows and shit. It's cold most of the year and America's outlet for Meth. Also, number 2 in binge drinking.

a.k.a. The Nodak, or the Dak
North Dakota, the Nodak, the Dak
by TheLillah April 22, 2004
Geography-wise, the worst state in the union. Gives Kansas a run for its money in flatness, and has the added bonus of the coldest winters on the continent. Not too many hicks, but the majority of people who live here are white and old--young people tend to move away as soon as they graduate. The only source of civilization, Fargo, is basically an extension of Minnesota. All in all a waste of land and should probably be sold to Canada or something.
North Dakota? Is that even a state?
by lcduke April 29, 2007

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