North Central means the way you feel when you wake up next to a man and remember that you TRULY ARENT a woman...elliot
AAAH! Elliot seduced me last nite! I feel so North Central!
by mmm-bop April 06, 2003
Top Definition
Native American Ghetto located North-West of Downtown in Regina, Saskatchewan. Known to have the highest crime rate per capita in Canada.
I wouldn't walk through North Central without a gun, even during the day.
by Bill Sanchez April 05, 2005
Enn-Cee is like when you are anxious for something, and you get all fidgety, and you order Rum Coladas with twist to passs the time,and you can't stop ordering the rum coladas, and you can't stop talking about how you never loved her anyway, and then you go to the toilet and regurgitate until you're throwing up bile. In other words, it means Binge Drinking out the ass.
I'm a party type of guy, I think i'll go NC.
North Central is an adjective to describe an emo punk who likes metal and wearing all black clothes. (They have to also be in JROTC,and get pleasure out of murdering small animals, as most JROTC kids do.)
"I'm the type of guy who cries and eats babies on a regular basis. Perhaps I shoudl start hanging otu with the North Central group."
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