Slang for breasts.
Only deployed with breasts of ample size.
Akin to words such as: Jugs, Milkers

Mate, check out the Normans on that bird over there - they're enormous!
by HenryIX April 08, 2009
A hott guy with a great body who has an enormously large wiener(teetong), he has magnetic powers that makes girls mouths suck on his wiener
Norman has an enormously large wiener, bre was sucking on it all night
by JacobHaproff July 25, 2008
Man Of The North
Norman's the man of the Norf
by FriedMeagz February 08, 2014
the biggest try hard ever!!
norman trys super hard to get girl and trys hard at xbox.. etc
by keithboy December 29, 2011
code for porno invented by cool cats from southern minnesota
"dude! i found a great new norman site!"
by facey mcmymom September 09, 2007
A ballhog in soccer.
When a really good player knows that he's the best and keeps the ball from all the "not as good" players on the team.
Tom: Dude, that idiot's hogging the ball again.
Shaun: What a Norman!
by Sukai December 08, 2008


To NORMAN,Adjv, spike someone's drink for sinister purposes...Norman likes sex or to be MORE POLITICALLY CORRECT R@PE.. with the male species..
*Everyone sitting at the bar,norman slides over and randomly pops something in person y's jack daniels..
by JACKDANIELSUPRISE:O) September 13, 2009
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