Kick ass guy. Can beat up anyone anytime.
"That guy called you gay! Call for Norling!"
"I saw Norling and craped my pants"
by DonDoli March 25, 2005
Top Definition
Noun: A silverback of Northern European ancestry, indigenous and endemic to the Central Texas area.

Verb: To use surprising cunning against and prevail.
Noun: Check out that Norling over there, I hear he has five sacks!

Verb: Truant wanted to succeed at his last job, but he got norlinged by his hosebeast boss.
by Truant January 13, 2004
strong to the weak; will master you as if to "own" you; Comes from the latin: "Ibucus Owneric youbica"
"They won't move that satellite dish???...Go get Norling!!!
by Philip C. Samaro January 14, 2004
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