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a) A Japanese person who is obsessed with Nordic culture often resulting in drawing shows based around Vikings, Valkyries, Odin, Thor, Nazism etc

a) Somebody who is obsessed with both Nordic and Japanese culture like somebody who listens to Black Metal and watches anime; probably ending up in making an AMV of Naruto to Burzum's music.
Final Fantasy is a Nordinese game which makes common refrences to the Nordic Gods.

The Black Metal band Sigh who wanted to be like the Norwegian Satanists... acts like Sabbat and Arkha Sva soon followed suit.

white kid: I liek to listen to mayhem as I play Valkyrie Profile
japanese kid: i have a yellow body and viking brain.

Naruto is a prime example of a Nordinese character.
by Vinnnnnny August 30, 2007
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