A word to annoy people.
abby wise: * poke* Instead of sayin POKE ill say NOOSH!
by abby wise March 27, 2008
Top Definition
content, happy with everything, no problems
I'm so noosh nothing is going to spoil my day

the food was noosh last night

"easy fella you OK?" "noosh man"
by Gordie C November 20, 2011
A slang term for lunch but is also applicable when talking about a snack.
"Do you want to go get some noosh?"
by <<Strikaldo>> July 27, 2009
A misinterpretation, misquote, or mispronunciation of an English word or phrase by a person with English as a second language, especially with a Persian background.
Noosh "Hey Mikey, you can work on your hip trusts."

Mike "Hip trusts…what are you talking about….oh…you mean hip thrusts…You really Nooshed that one"
by Molay October 23, 2014
the best people in the whole wide world. there are only two of these people. they are madly in love. hi bubba! xxxx
i love my noosh.
by getchaheadinthegame November 16, 2008
A word used just to annoy people.
Person 1: Todd, you're such a noosh.

Todd: Wtf's a noosh?!
by Court[Satan_Incarnate] July 10, 2008
Noun. (Douche + Noob= Noosh)

A person who is usually described as, 'stupid', 'annoying', 'clueless'; related to the noun, 'Tool'. A noosh can be a male or female. A Noosh will tend to be immature.
Chase thought eating chapstick would make his penis larger, what a NOOSH.
by Paris Hilton (MOB THICK) January 20, 2010
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