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A man, a legend. A Noordy is a bloke that is unexplainable. To try and explain this type of being, whether conceptually or theoretically, would be an insult. So this definition is not easily actualized. A Noordy keeps it real. Enjoys real hip-hop. No one dislikes a Noordy, unless a Noordy dislikes you. A Noordy is the type of phella that will smoke you down regardless of friendship (that is not positing you call him to smoke you down). Has Glaucoma. The reaper of botanical superiority.
Situation One (In the circumstance a Noordy likes you)
Any being: “Hey man, what’s up?”
A Noordy: “Nothing dude. What’s goin on?”
Any being: “Not much. Just sittin around. You?”
A Noordy: “Not a thing man. You wanna blaze?”
Any being: “I don’t got any smoke bro”
A Noordy: “Don’t even worry about it”

Situation Two (In circumstance a Noordy does not like you)
Disliked being: “Hey bra, what are you up to?”
A Noordy: “Not much man”
Disliked being: “Word. What are you doing today?”
A Noordy: “I’m not sure yet. How about you?”
Disliked being: “Not a thing. Looking to smoke though. You want to smoke?”
A Noordy: “Yea for sure, man. Let me call you back in a bit here.”
by binary* November 15, 2010

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