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When you are eating spaghetti or other noodles, and you suck the noodles up so hard that they smack your cheeks and either stick, get sauce on, or grease up your face.
slow down on those noodles; you're going to get some serious noodle whip!
by taylove24 March 10, 2006
The act of slapping a female with your semi-erect penis. Used to refer to a man's desire to get laid (despite his inability to get a full erection) after a long night of drug and/or alcohol use.
Me: "Damnnn, look at that chick; I'm gonna bang the bejesus out of her."

My brother: "Psh, you ain't doin' shit you limp-dick."

Me: "So?! I'll noodle-whip the shit outta that bitch."
by Limped Ick March 17, 2009
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