Def: one who is temporarily acting brainless.
Origin: Inner city Philadelphia schools - as a replacement for the word "plug" which had the same meaning.
Maaaaaan, You's a NOODLE!
by Jen Ragen June 15, 2004
simply put > Penis.
Shit fire negro i'd dip my noodle in that.
by Vapor Trail August 20, 2003
An asain vagina looking somewhat like uncooked Top Ramen.
"Oh my god, that girl has a noodle.. You can just tell from her slanted eyes!"
by luckycharmsandsourgum March 09, 2009
to have sex with someone if you are not completely erect
"yo, i heard my boy got drunk and gave her the "noodle"'

"yeah he noodled the shit out of her, ya heard"
by Dr. Ew 22 September 10, 2008
Verb. The act of receiving head while the female has cooked noodles in her mouth.
Person A: "Hey i have to make a quick stop at the grocery store for some pasta."
Person B: "Why?"
Person A: "My girlfriend said she would noodle me tonight."
by brown1223 August 13, 2008
A girl who has awful, stringy, greasy, cheap extensions that she straightens AND washes. She is the scene queen, or so she likes to believe. She has a best friend who's a Dyke. Likes to vomit up her meals. Fake and/or rude to everyone she comes in concact with; prime example of someone with a God complex. Wants world peace, but probably doesn't know what it means.
Noodle needs to stop wearing extensions.
by Stringz. July 10, 2008
Noodle is a word for someone who is a mufuka,fool or just acting noob like.It can also be a word for someone who is uber leet and just plain owns :P.
-Stan is the biggest douche noodle mofo i've ever laid my eyes on.
-Xant is a noodle he totally pwned those people.
-Annette is a noodle.
by NUBFACTA5 August 24, 2006

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