Someone who goes to a rave and dresses up with candy necklaces, neon bracelets, furry animal backpacks, huge baggy pants, etc., and acts like a complete idiot including rolling or flopping around on the ground like a wet noodle.
Did you see that group of noodles giving each other backrubs all night?
by AphroDZak August 17, 2005
A girl whom pretends to be a lesbian to get attention from males. They usually do everything they possibly can to make it believable.

There can be male ones too, just less common because most males try to make sure people don't think they're gay.
Pretty hard to make an example...I'll just use one of my own sentences...Well, not an exact one, but hey, close enough:

"She's a noodle...sure she was saying she was lesbian a minute ago and playing with that other girl, doesn't seem so anymore."
by MagiShock October 15, 2003
another word for hoe
Whats the deal wit that girl yo?
She's a noddle yo, she be around the block yo.
by Goat April 13, 2005
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