noo•dle nood-l


An urban dance, originating in the southeastern region on the US, in which dancers move their bodies about freely, giving the illusion that their limbs are flimsy like noodles

–verb (used without object)

2. Formal.

to dance or move in a noodle-like way

3. Informal.

to move in a noodle-like way in the presence of another object

–verb (used with object)

4. Informal.

to move or lead in a noodle-like way

5. Informal

to fill (a period of time) with noodling (often fol. by away, through, etc.)

Related Forms:

nood•ler noo-dler


a person, animal, or thing that noodles, esp. as a dancer

nood•ling noo-dling


considered as a person who can or does noodle or something that noodles


used for or as an aid in noodling


the act or action of a person or thing that noodles
I would like to extend an invitation to you to noodle.

You should go noodle that sign.

She noodled halfway across the street.

The young couple in love noodled the night away.

She is an expert noodler.

The girl watched the noodling race participant.

She's noodling proof that people can have fun no matter where they are.

She put on her noodling shoes and went out.

Noodling was the cause of her torn groin muscle.
by spunkymunky April 21, 2010
Top Definition
When one drinks a small amount of alcohol (commonly a sip of four loko, but in some extreme cases this could be a sniff) and engages in wobbly activities. The drunkard must have a BMI of 12 or below, a tall and skinny frame, and a feeble skeleton. When intoxicated the body muscles collapse and the noodling begins. This could include floundering to the ground, rolling around like an infant child, and making silly comments that can be so cringing it turns you sober.
Dude I met this kid from New Mexico last night, he'd never drunk before; he was noodleing all over the place
by Floor 2.5 November 06, 2010
The guitarist from the legendary band for Gorillaz
get the cool!
get the cool shoe shine!
by bob bobbinson July 19, 2005
Your brain
"Twist your noodle change your mind"
Y'all aint on my level!!
by Peachez June 09, 2004
1. Nice food that comes in packets labelled "Super Noodles".

2. The Offspring's lead guitarist and one of the coolest guys ever to walk upon this planet.
1. Did you eat noodles last night? I did.

2. Noodles is a guitar god.
by hell is for me December 23, 2003
brain, sense, intelligence
Oh my gosh, I totally lost my noodles during the math exam.
by Holly Nguyen April 24, 2007
The greatest food to walk the Earth, a great substitute to masturbating.
Waiter: I suggest the Whole poached salmon with salmon caviar and chips served with some masturbating.

Person: Nahh thanks, I got NOODLES!
by Skiller Kowalski October 25, 2008
1. Guitarist of the Offspring

2. Guitarist of Gorrilaz
One is a real guy, and the other is an animated Japanese girl.
by Siberian Moo Cow June 23, 2005
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