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1. The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of newbs, noobs, and n00bs.
2. A book on noobs.

Origin: Hopkin High School, MN
In the back of biology class.
One rule of noobology is everyone is a noob except yourself.
by Dark6 August 30, 2005
The study of Noobs or the act of teaching noobs the tutorial of the teenage life. The education For Noobs is a sex/drugs oriented list of terms and phrases that are designed to form a noobs mind into a well-educated teenagers. The list consists of terms such as the ones shown below in the examples box.
"If you squeeze your thumb against your index finger, you stop your gag reflex, which means bigger bong hits! Happy Burning Noobs!"

"Always remember.. 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink!"

"Sex raises tension, Love causes it"

"Noobology is a great way to learn new things as a incoming teenager!"
by mnotice, Jessec, Ribstack October 07, 2011
The study of noobs. Which is taken out by a Noobologist.
A noobologist will observe the behavior of noobs to futher the study of noobology.
by Obie won K'noobie May 26, 2005
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