Person who uses a grenade launcher in the call of duty series who sucks balls
stupid noobtuber spawn tubed me and got a multikill..........faggat
by noobtubee May 13, 2010
Top Definition
a n00b on CoD 4 who only uses the grenade tube to kill you.
John: I just got tubed
Frank: boot the little noob tuber then
by camazonDamazon April 14, 2008
A really annoying person that keeps killing u with a grenade launcher in Call of Duty
That noob tuber is making me want to throw my controller through my tv
by Dr.Crunch December 11, 2009
someone who shoots a grenade out of a grenade launcher on a gun across the map found in call of duty 4 and modern warfare 2
guy#1 he killed me with a grenade from across the map
guy#2 what a NOOBTUBER
by ADD ME ON XBOX- DumberCheese November 27, 2009
A highly skilled and adaptive MW2 campaigner who sees the opportunity to utilise a weapon and blow up a shitload of whiny assed bitches.

Seasoned noob tubers live to hear how whiny and bitchy anyone who's been blown to bits gets and loves nothing more than to hear the words "He can only use a noob tube,cus he aint got no mad skillz like what I haz" (sic).
I'm gonna blow these whiny bitches to fuckin smithereens cus I love to hear them moan.

Then I'm gonna tube 'em again.

Then I'm gonna let em get a shot off,to let them think they have a chance before tubing the tard out of 'em.

I am the King of the fuckin Noob Tubers. (i.e. I tube noobs).
by Penance4thought April 04, 2010
usually used by gamers (games like Call of Duty, and other shooter games) referring to other gamers who use a grenade launcher.
who, did you see that. it was that f@$^#& noob tuber.
by beankid January 06, 2010
also known as a toober, n00b t00ber, and so on.
these people usually play COD, and just use grenade launchers, this is most likely because they DO NOT possess any skill in aiming and shooting their gun.
this usually makes others conform and also tube, or just rage quit and get abusive.
OMG this noob toobers need some skills. why cant he just use his rifle. bloody noob tubing camper.

"another noob tuber with no skill... grreeaatt..."
by (AIC)energizer bunny November 12, 2010
This refers to a derogatory word used for an online gamer in, xbox 360 and ps3, in two different games. The word noobtuber is often used while playing call of duty 4 live, when a player uses grenade launcher attachments on all of their weapons in order to get cheap kills. They usually cannot get kills any other way. It also refers to halo 3 or halo 2 live, when a player uses a rocket launcher and/or a missle pod, and repeatedly uses it as it keeps spawning.
call of duty 4 example:
Lvl 52 Prestige: That fcking noobtuber keeps hitting me with the m16 launcher when I'm sniping. Someone call a UAV already so I can kill that biatch!

halo 3 example:

Col. Grade 2: Stop spawning our rocket launcher at our base you freaking n0obtuber. This is why covies suck: noobtube central
by $T&G$ April 14, 2008
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