1) a nerd that sucks at video games
2) a Nintendo Gamecube
3) a entertaining way to say noob
1) Ew, look at that nerd. I bet he pwns at video games.
Naw meng, he's a noob cube.
2) Haha, I have a Xbox, you are stuck with your noob cube.
3) You just got pwned in the a noob cube!
by AnGdyDrew March 29, 2005
Top Definition
a crappy map made for games
quiapio_bridge is a noob cube
by elmer fudd October 14, 2004
A Flash game (created with Adobe Flash CS3). A simple aim-and-click game where you have to fend off noobs & leets and prevent them from destroying your noob cube. This game features a high scores table and keeps track of your kill streak.

The game can be found at the following URLs:


Noob Cube is such a fun Flash game! You should try it.
by Robert ^$*&^%&^*%$(&^% August 17, 2008

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