Person who uses a grenade launcher in the call of duty series who sucks balls
stupid noobtuber spawn tubed me and got a multikill..........faggat
by noobtubee May 13, 2010
When someone in COD MW 1,2,or 3 continually kills people with the grenade launcher only.
"That noob tuber took my kill!!!"
by supawesomecodman December 30, 2011
Arlo Cash Halloran, or some noob who is REALLY bad at Call of Duty and uses a grenade launcher ALL THE TIME to get kills. Definition of annoying.

Harriet: By who?

Damian: A noob tuber...
by Blake Liberi February 25, 2014
A person who may use the one man army perk to get easy kills with the m303 nade launch in call of duty
They also use danger close just to get some easier kills
Team A : dude that noob tuber is raping us what do we do?
Team B: lolololololol nubs
Team A: dont worry we got a noob tuber on our team
Team B noob tuber: wtf quit tubin me bro ;(
by Crayonss July 03, 2010
a person who use a under mounted gernade launcher or just a gernade launcher and only that to get one shot kills in a video game such a CoD4.
the gun ak47 from cod mw2 with gernade launcher attatchment know as a noob tuber
by ButteR45 April 19, 2010

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