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Particularly used in the Video Game 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2'. Where a player uses the Grenade Launcher attachment for their weapon to kill just 1 enemy player, rather than a group of enemies.
Player 1: I just got noob tubed!
Player 2: I hate people who noob tube...
by SquashedBanana October 25, 2010
To be noobtubed, it is to lose your virginity or have your v-card taken. It is called noobtubed because you are doing a "noob" vagina or penis that has no experience with sex.
This Lauren girl wanted to hook up, the only downside was she was a virgin, but she decided to let me give her a good noobtubing anyhow. She was noobtubed, and became a clinger.
by Defsieg September 11, 2009

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