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When one thinks they know every aspect of what they have just recently begun to do.

Michael: Hey man that's not how you roll a j.
James: STFU n00b, you've smoked pot three times!
Michael: Man, I know more than you do.
James: Dude you got noob syndrome.
by md616 January 04, 2007

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Short term is NS.
A stupid person online. Usually found in 10 to 11 year olds in online teen chat rooms. We don't know why the hell they're there....
See noob for details.
(Online chat room)

Noob: Babez, wanna go out with me?
Tara: Yeah, uh no.
Carly (private messages Tara): Noob Syndrome?
Tara (private messages Carly): Yep.
by Simply Stefani; December 28, 2008