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These are girls that rarely get paid for sex and would not be considered professionals. But will become a desperate receptacle to make their lives easier, for a price.

They can often be found around the peripheral of a stroll. They may use the same convenience, grocery stores, and gas stations as real streetwalkers but are really not in the business.

Non-prostitute women are socialized not to possess sexual information or skill, not to talk about sex, not to ask for money in any situation, and not to associate with whores.

In truth when desperate for cash these girls will walk, hook, whore, and receive. They can be anywhere girls can be found alone.
Listen, and keep your mouth shut when a non-pro tells you what they need.

A blond non-pro, wearing blue jeans, was walking in the hospital parking lot.
by SuraScent July 25, 2009
Someone who is not a professional prostitute or escort.
I am looking for a young woman, non-pro, who I can come to a mutually beneficial relationship with.
by Lisa Urgus October 11, 2007
Non pro, as in not experienced and therefore more of a newbie, esp. in relation to prostitution, non pro is request for a girl that is not necessarily skilled but is less expensive- non pro's don't do dominatrix behavior. Some guys choose to use the term non pro because they think it means no condom, but this is not typically true.
*NON PRO* NON PRO* Seeking SWF for servies tonight.

by glittergirl_sparkles May 26, 2007
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