non gender specific is a term referred to FISH who like to cross dress
Daniel.. hey ash have you heard about that funny looking fish Todsy Dragfin i think she maybe hiding something down stairs im thinking its a non gender specific?

Ash.. whatever daniel you dont know what your talking about there is no such thing as a non gender specific fish and fish dont wear clothes!! blah blah blah

Daniel.. wow ash you really need to get out of the house more, i think the cleaning chemicals are getting to you.

Daniel.. i think your right daniel
by todsy dragfin ROCKIN January 18, 2012
Top Definition
When a girl or guy is sexually attracted to both sex's and has no preference. Their not specific with which gender they like and prefer. Similar to being a switch hitter, they like both genders and gender really isn't a cause for debate.
As long as their hot and we have a connection it doesn't matter what their gender is, I'd tap that.

Guy1: are you gay or straight, I've seen you with both?

Guy2: I'm non-gender specific.

Guy1: wtf does that mean?

Guy2: it doesn't matter what gender you are just as long as the feelings are mutual.
by Tauboy2 August 11, 2013
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