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The mauling, massacre, or murder of a name
Where you tell someone your name, and they unjustly and without your consent, remove it partially or fully. "Hi my name is Alexandra" where someone says "Hi Alex!". Or if someone was talking to Beyonce saying "yo wassup B!". Beyonce would then say, "yo don't commit nomicide!"
by xb1234 May 16, 2011
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1. The word used to describe the act of homicide commited by domesticated pets, usually pampered/spoilt cats, who aren't fed on schedule

2. A fictional method of suicide in the lolcats universe where forgetful owners/humans forget to or don't feed a pet due to their attention being occupied by something meaningless or trivial.

The Pet in question, usually tempermental cat, murders their owner/s in a horrible,bloody and often VERY messy death.
A woman comes home to find the mutilated body of her teenage son on the living room floor, the look of terror on his face, blood splattered across his cloths, the walls, ceiling, floor & computer screen which displays the images of an M.M.O.R.P.G

Looking down at the floor, the cat can be seen looking at its handy work waging its tail in disproval of its former owners poor judgement, turning its head, the cat looks at the woman and meows in a short innocent sounding tone implying its innosence despite the obvious blood stains visible in its furr.

- Nomicide
by mad_jack June 24, 2010
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When you eat so much you feel like death - Usual really tasty or free food.
"Where's john"

"Oh he became a victim of Nom-icide after that buffet last night "
by Crazy BOB May 05, 2013
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