A Zombie after you have hit him as hard as you can on the side of his head with a baseball bat.
The Zombie was fast approaching me, so I grabbed my Louisville Slugger and nailed him on the side of his head, Babe Ruth style. That former Zombie is now a Nombie!
by Rob A. Zombie August 02, 2006
Top Definition
A noun used to describe a human who is so hungry they are reduced to an aggravated, zombie-like state.
Mephostophiles: I'm so hungry I could punch you in the face.
Belzebub: Wow. Whatever, nombie.
Mr. Bigglesworth: Go eat some food, nombie.
by CharlieSarahReilly January 12, 2009
Any member of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, or NOM; commonly used to describe anti-gay marriage trolls who may or may not be members of NOM, but who infiltrate pro-equality message boards and blogs in order to propagate NOM talking points.
"Geez, the NOMbies have really taken over Queerty's comments section today!"
by LavenderLiberal May 14, 2009
A person, who due to extreme hunger, has been reduced to a zombie-like state. Those attempting the Atkins diet are highly susceptible as their intake of carbohydrates is extremely limited. They can often be heard moaning for grains.
Thing One: Hey buddy, how's that Atkins diet treating you?

Samuel L Jackson: I'm so hungry that I could DEMOLISH a Denny's right now...
Keanu Reeves: Whoa... a nombie.
by Prof Khaos July 08, 2010
Nombie, being a "head-bashed Zombie", can also refer to, in reality, a person who is somewhat dim-witted, slow, or possibly takes thing too literally, doesn't get jokes, etc.
We were trying to explain the concept to Dingledorf, but, he just didn't get it. After 2 hours, we gave up. We started cracking jokes about him after that, in his presence, but it was cool, because he didn't get that either! What a Nombie!!!
by Adam DeFeather August 16, 2006
Derived from "Nombie", ie, a zombie who has his head whacked really hard ...
... a "Nombie" is a person who is very tired, inactive, depressed, passive, apathetic, or bored.
by Mike Bozdog August 15, 2006
Nigga Zombie
Damn that knuckle draggin nombie just tried to eat my brain
by niggazombie October 31, 2010
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