To eat by mashing food against the roof of your mouth with your tounge, escpecially after having braces tightened or having a toothache.
"My braces hurt so bad I have to nom everything."
#nom #nom-nom #nomm #nomm-nomm #nam
by anime_rox March 16, 2009
To ruin or slow down the editing process. Mostly refers to CoD editing. Usually performed by saying the word "Nom" repeatedly.
Ex: My Vegas crashed because you kept Nomming me!
Ex: Don't Nom my edit!
#nom #nomming #nommed #noms #nommer
by Teao March 03, 2014
To pig out, eat like an animal
I like to nom on snacks when I return home.
#eat #animal #pig #out #nom
by Bruce J February 23, 2014
1. A.k.a yum, to enjoy what you ate, or just the sound you might make if you're eating, that is, if you're that rude.
2. French for "Name".
2. Quel est votre nom? (What is your name?)
#nom #om #omnomnom #nomnomnom #name #eat #mmm
by 17G December 07, 2011
nom is 2 of 3 words in the phrase "om nom nom" the phrase is really a sound made when eating or mimicing eating. the origen of the sound is a video game made by Valve called Team Fortess 2 (TF2). a special item in the game, a "sandvich" that is obtained by the Heavy class character. when the sandvich is eaten if resores 100% HP and the charactor has a sound entity attached that is a defined sound "om nom nom" the phrase is now used my many tenagers whom have noclue what it even means, so that would make them trolls. in video games the phrase is a symbol for eating or healing.
i'm om nom noming on some popcorn
#om #num #noming #food #eating #tf2 #nom
by 52352532535434 March 23, 2011
An onomatopoeia for the sound of someone or something eating

Origin: Sesame Street, when Cookie Monster would devour cookies
If one sees a person eating a giant sandwich, this can be described as an epic nom
#om nom #sesame street #cookie monster #eating #epic
by FTfreakingW April 10, 2010
Adj. Food or beverage that tastes good.

Verb. Used when eating something that tastes good.
The pizza was nom.
Nom Nom Nom Nom. (while eating something good)

#yum #tastey #nom nom nom #yummy #nasty
by Nom Nomagon March 22, 2010
Nom can be used as a slang word for eating. Or it can also be used, also as slang, to describe someone who is very good looking
"See Jess Watkins? She's so nom!"
#nom #eating #good #looking #sexy #fit
by Hayell November 12, 2011
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