When you pretend you have no thumbs and eat with your face, while saying "nom nom nom nom nom" ie. nom nom raptor.
Philpe scared all the kids away when he screamed "I A NOM NOM RAPTOR" and meanly ate 3 children.
by DinosaurGirl May 09, 2010
Top Definition
~The Nom Nom Raptor derived from many specimen of the Raptor family. The Nom Nom Raptor family has been studied and known to be a very loud, sexual, and slow dinosaur species.

~Back in the dinosaur day-in-age the Nom Nom Raptor Nom'd anything and everything in it's path, ultimately becoming the top dog of the Raptors.

~The Nom Nom Raptor is also cousins with the "OM NOM NOM YOUR MOM" Raptor.
The Nom Nom Raptor selected it's mate carefully before pouncing.

When the Nom Nom Raptor finished demolishing it's food, it continued to run around making loud moaning noises.
by Shmurness December 19, 2009
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