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A person obsessed with Nokia brand mobile phones. A person who strictly buys only Nokia phones. An anti-sony ericssonperson.
He bought a 3110c because he was a Nokian.
by The Native February 24, 2009
Modern alternative for the word "Trojan".

A non-self-replicating malware that gains access to the operating system while showing it's doing a common, non-harmful task; but in reality drops a malicious payload. It often creates a backdoor in the system security enabling unauthorized access to the target's computer.

The modern day word "Nokian" is taken from a 2010-2013 episode when Stephen Elop became the CEO of Nokia and allegedly performed sabotage within the giant phone maker resulting in it's acquisition by the rival Microsoft. He was later awarded 25,000,000$ bonus for his task.
A recent Nokian named "ProRat" infected my computer.
by Alantras September 20, 2013

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