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The word nice pronounced with an Australian accent. Usually said in a drawn out manner
That's a noooits croc right there!


Friend- 'Yo we won the tounament'

You- 'Noits'
by Jamean Noits September 05, 2010
The state beyond being confused and in turmoil
Blondes are constantly in noit

(noited, noiting, noit)
by heyyyitzemmy November 04, 2010
Another word for never. Derived from the Dutch word 'Nooit'. Noit is mostly used in gaming.
Annoying gamer: im so good so i noit use hax.
by Can-o-Mark April 28, 2007
Someone who is a know-it-all, but you want to be cool, and when you call someone a know-it-all it makes you sound lame.
Dude, pi is infinite.

No, pie is delicious.

Don't be a noit.
by zomglolzxd April 03, 2010
another way of saying "no", but with more emphasis. Seemingly derived from the Dutch "nooit" Also, perhaps a combination of the words "no" and "not"
Guy: Hey, do you know what happened to the last beer?

Guy#2: Noit.
by bballboy25 April 10, 2008
another word for spam
noit is more gooder than racoon
by Master of Illusions July 18, 2003
another word for spam
noit be mo betta den racoon
by Master of Illusions July 18, 2003
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