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Derived from Noise; adj.: A person who is so good at bringing noise to situations that his noise can be heard from light-years away. Not to be confused with a Noise-Walker, a weak Noise-Runner who thinks he/she runs more noise then he/she actually does. A Noise-Runner can recite any Mike Tyson quote off the top of their head with little or no hesitation. A Noise-Runner goes out to parties with full intentions of bringing as much noise as possible. One way they achieve this is by shotgunning 3 beers upon entry of a new noisehold (household where noise occurs) before acknowledging anyones existence within the noise. In short, it is a very noisey person.

See Also: Noise-Running (v), Noisey (adj), Noise (n)
"That scalley kid is a real Noise-Runner."

"I heard that kid put his noise inside of that girls noise and didnt pull out, what a Noise-Runner!"
by Noise-Runner20 November 02, 2011
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