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Abbreviation of "nignog retard". A spasticated black shit with diarrhoea-juice for brains. Walks around with its gob wide open for catching flies. Only speaks when stating the bloody obvious, for example when it sees someone struggling with 15 Asda carrier bags and asks them "Have you been shopping?".
Have you seen that gormless black shit with its gob wide open?

Yeah, that's the Patrick Road Nogtard. It fell out of its tree and the rest of the chimps won't let it back up.
by Benny Twadge May 03, 2009
The absolute spacker of a man that loves Hill Ginger biscuits and Sargents apple pies. This fat Nig-Nog is also known as the Patrick Road Chimp and only moves it's huge tongue when trying to impress people by stating the obvious. Many believe the reason for him having such a long tongue is because he has licked all the vanilla from the bottom of every bucket ever consumed by him. Living with the Spack Dancer, this retard tries to operate the fish tank with the television remote.
Nogtard: Done some shoppin' then?

Dad: <struggling with 10 asda bags> yeah.
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 30, 2009
When a retard tries to give someone head.
Yeah, Jamall was such a nog tard last night.

Damn, girl, your a friggin' nog tard...
by My Alias Is Not My Real Name February 20, 2011
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