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A Noggy is a term used offshore to refer to a Norwegian person. Like an Englishman is a limey a Norwegian is a Noggy.
There are lots of Noggy's on holiday here this year.
by Scandi32 September 28, 2009
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Noggy is an actual Polish word meaning "a naked male." Nogga is the female equivalent.

When referring to multiple naked people, noggy is used to label the naked crowd.
Don't come into the bathroom, I'm noggy in here.

I should've knocked. I didn't mean to see you nogga.

How about the two of us get noggy somewhere quiet so we can be loud?
by BuddhaTwin December 29, 2010
English public school for turds. Also used to describe Korean soldiers during the Korean war.
'I say Molesworth, you've left noggies floating in the lav'
by David from Kingsbury November 03, 2003
A biccy boo bigging it with the wikki woo. YO!
Damn that is one badass noggy-wizzle crog crog!
by Charles Of Nazereth December 21, 2004
an affectionate name for the female genital area. Can be shortened to 'Nog'. Used in a similar vain to 'pussy' or 'fanny'.
My noggy is itching, my noggy is sore etc etc
by bucksman67 August 28, 2009
A noggy is a dirty black man
look jim theres a noggy walking towards us, we best run away
by craig david 123 May 21, 2008
cool black guy. one of yo friends.
what up my noggy? Man you is a noggy.
by balla b August 05, 2007

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