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slang term refering to the head
he's got a decent noggin on his shoulders
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
according to my weirdo girlfriend its the end slice of bread, known by normal people as the crust.
Sophie: can i have the noggin for my toast?

by Sophie1984 July 02, 2005
Looking at pornography, ie porNOGraphy. Usually pronounced "noggin", without the "g" at the end. Term derived as a way to avoid detection, much like p-nog.
Eliot: "Ya know Mike, I've been noggin' a lot lately."
Eliot's mom: "What does that mean?"
Eliot: "Oh, nothing."
Mike: *snickers*
by Eliot/Mike February 28, 2009
Sterile...but with the head! A single head bang
person 1 "Hilariously funny comment about the length of James Marriot" everyone lols.....scene dude with scene hat with a Stumpy Pinky says "Noggin!" person 1 and scene kid share an intimate headbang...and they all live happily ever after....except from Darren...cause marc is the bitch
by GameBoy hat ftwtf? September 26, 2009
A small cup or mug.
A measure equal to about 1/4 pint.
A noggin of whiskey please barkeep.
by James A. Koss May 19, 2003
The act of drinking egg nog, especially in a gratuitous manner.
Last Christmas Eve, Tim went noggin with his friends.
by whitesox130 February 18, 2012
Cannabis Resin, more harsh on the lungs than regular cannabis, known to give people headaches and make people go on missions
Fuck, i smoked some noggin yesterday, had a bad head but a bloody good time!!!
by hateallblacks July 23, 2009
The act of getting a blowjob. Derived from the manner in which a blowjob is received. The main surface area that is stimulated, during this sexual act, is the head of the penis. A human head could also be refered to as your noggin. This brings us back to the term which can be used to describe a blowjob, and can best be compared to a commonly used synonym for blowjob which is head.
That noggin was incredible!
by DooDooBunny September 12, 2006

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