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The Seasonal Hand Job - One person swigs a mouthful of eggnog and spits it onto another persons dick. Proceed to stroke out a creamy yet seasonal handy. Viola, a Nog job
Dude : Let's celebrate Christmas the right way, buddy.
Other Dude : How so, friend?
Dude : Giving each other a Nog job
Other Dude : Sweet!
Dude : Exactly!
by ol' time guy December 08, 2010
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A sexual act performed on a male involving the male in question having his testicles sucked by another person.
Did you see that guy get a nogjob in the alley by that transexual hooker?
by Baller Nation July 24, 2009
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Getting a blowjob while leaning against a crate of eggnog. May include the simultaneous drinking of eggnog.
"Back when I worked at Stop N Shop, I brought my girlfriend into the dairy cooler and she gave me a nogjob."
by ShotgunMike March 06, 2009
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