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1. An imaginary place in Northern Canada.

2. Any remote, isolated place where one is sent or exiled to.

3. The least attractive of choices in any job placement.

Variants: Nofuckinluckchuck
From the Inuit for "No Fucking Luck Chuck".
Bob: Did you hear Doug got a job with Environment Canada?

Dave: No way! Were is he going to be based?

Bob: Oh, like NOFUCKINLUKCHUK, or some shit, but the pay is ok.

Mary: My boyfriend is such an asshole. I am going to move out of the apartment.

Sarah: Screw that! Kick his skinny ass to NOFUCKINLUKCHUK, the jackass!


Shit, can't even get a drink in this friggin' burg, this really is NOFUCKINLUKCHUK!
by irretardulous January 17, 2012