A hot cheerleader. She is gorgeous and smart. She is also in orchestra. cus that is where the cool kids are at these days.
WOW look at the Noelle ! I wish i dated a Noelle. Noelle
by Kyle8 September 04, 2008
A superior level of intoxication, resulting in belligerence or some sort of devine sexual activity. The last stage of drunken-ness before passing out.
I drank until I was so Noelle that everyone looked sexy.

If this party sucks, I'll drink until I'm Noelle and make it fun.
by Lexi Barton September 25, 2007
noelle.. the total geek of every school! A dog who barks all the time and takes pictures of herself with flowers on the pic. All she knows is how to have sexual intercourse with her TEXTBOOKS. This. is. NOELLE. geek. eeeek
" ewww shes such a NOELLE "
by BnR-friend December 06, 2012
a girl in school who thinks there the shit. very pretty. usually. can be fun to hang out with, but very annoying at times. usually a good fit body. thinks its "ok" to flirt with all guys in school. but doesn't know she does it. has high pitched fake laughs. and tries hard to make other people like her even though she makes it look like she "doesn't care about anybody"

even though she has many , dislikes than likes, she is fun to be around very clumsy and usually in a pale white skin color.
Joey: man that girl thinks everybody likes her, why does everyone like her?

Bobby: I don't know, man she is such a Noelle. fuck.
by dogs101 June 07, 2011
The smelliest thing to ever walk the earth.

loljk love you girl!

so sexual
Noelle, shut up.
by oohyoutouchedmytalala April 07, 2011
a girl who loves cole kesslers ginormus co i mean nose
noelle love coles c**k
by cktvtsrjtyjsahjre August 31, 2010
an aisan slurry who likes to get freaky with older men in a shed
dicko: whats that noise?
michelle: it's coming from the shed... must be noelle
by michhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh April 18, 2009
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