Noelle's are usually brunette with gorgeous eyes and extremely beautiful. They are always seen dancing. Almost always are laughing or smiling and are generally happy if not for themselves, for others. Can be a little strange sometimes but in an amazing way that makes you think, why can't I just let go and act like her.

Obsessed with reading and is extremely loyal to her friends and family.
You see that girl right there? The one chasing pigeons. She's a noelle.
by BlackFlamingo April 25, 2010
The cutest girl in the world
extreamly silly and fun to be around. shes the kind of girl who loves to sing disney songs and loves to crow.
She may not be poular with the boys, but it doesent mind her caus she only needs one, and she loves her Puddin more then life its self, and he loves her back juct as much/
i love you Noelle.
by Connor Breen January 22, 2009
The coolest bitch in town.
"Did you see Noelle today?"
"Fuck yeah, she's awesome!"
by abbysmith6969 November 05, 2012
The most pretty girl in school. the one with the cutest brown eyes. she dresses like shes out of some movie. people call her wired,or a freak and she'll turn and say thancks. always nice untill you piss her off. she may have dark humor and morbid thoughts, but every one loves her. the one gothic punk that has no hate.
did you see noelle, she's so cool!
by nmattes1 November 25, 2011
Usually one of the prettiest, smartest, nicest, and most athletic girls. She is well known around school, and has boys lined up. She is an extremely talented girl, and is amazing at everything and anything. Usually a brunette with brown eyes. Very stylish and is always smiling. Any guy would be lucky to have her and if you ever get the chance for her to be yours don't every let her go.
I love Noelle she is my favorite!
by Anonymous99999999 December 12, 2012
A superior level of intoxication, resulting in belligerence or some sort of devine sexual activity. The last stage of drunken-ness before passing out.
I drank until I was so Noelle that everyone looked sexy.

If this party sucks, I'll drink until I'm Noelle and make it fun.
by Lexi Barton September 25, 2007
noelle is a very amazing and awesome girl and first she seems very sweet and kind but once you get to know her she can be very evil but still sweet :')
she has a cute smile and awesome hair , she is very easy to talk to and get along with , any guy would be lucky to call her his girlfriend (:
Also she is a midget :)
thats girls a midget it has to be a noelle
by cocpops July 08, 2012

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