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Anti-people and creatures created when someone loses their heart. Has to be a person with a strong heart. If they were strong enough, they actually have a humanoid representation of their true self. Normally, it is the person's original name scrambled with an "x" to signify their non-existence. There is an organization of the strongest Nobodies called Organization 13.

From the Kingdom Hearts game series, specifically Kingdom Hearts 2, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
"You were never meant to exist, Roxas" Namine, another Nobody, Kingdom Hearts 2.

(Roxas = Sora)
by KHFan October 18, 2010
11 3
A perfect person.
Nobody is perfect.
by lol stfu newblet2 July 20, 2008
182 23
The guy who found the WMD's, found a perfect solution for global warming, disproved Einstien's theroies, killed the dinosaurs, and proved alien life within 6 million miles from us.
Nobody set us up the bomb
by Can of Worms November 04, 2006
229 94
A very unusual enemy in the game Kingdom Hearts II. They are the hollow cases of strong people who became Heartless. The strength, however, is not physically, but mentally and emotionally.
"Oh my God! Sora's Nobody is Roxas!?"
by Roxas' Nobody... December 05, 2008
55 11
an insignificant person (see also zero)
I thought she would always be that special somebody, but she ended up being a nobody.
by Light Joker July 27, 2005
62 19
nobody is who you become on the internet
nobody needs to face anybody anymore
by johnny nobody March 22, 2005
60 33
1) To be an unknown person in reference.
2) Everyone in an unfamiliar crowd.
3) The responsible party to all unwitnessed damage occurring when only children were present.
4) To do nothing, say nothing, to be nothing, to not exist.
1-He was nobody to me.
2-They were nobody special to us.
3-Who broke the window? Nobody!
4-Impossible if you're alive.
by cunninglinguist May 03, 2005
38 16