North Bombay
NoBo is so not as cool as SoBo.
by trickytext October 15, 2009
Short for North Bound, it's used on hiking trails such as the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail.
I'm gonna do the long trail nobo.
by ISE91 June 29, 2008
The Nobo is a shadowy figure which roams the streets at night, never eating, never sleeping. With no mouth, only wide, gaping, unblinking, black eyes. It slinks through the gutters and back alleys, consuming your soul with a glare.

The Nobo's wail pierces your inner thoughts, clouding all cognitive ability. All you are capable of doing is watching in horror as the dark figure encompases your soul.

the Nobo's wail can be heard only in your head, and, alas, is the last thing you will ever hear.

The Nobo sees all.
"Hark, here there be tracks of the Nobo."
by Team Michael December 16, 2009
the art of being a total dumbass one who knows nothing about anything
Nicholas you stupid nobo
by Jonathan March 28, 2005

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