A nose that looks like a cockhead on the end of it.
Christy sure does have a big noblitt.
by Birdmann April 18, 2009
Top Definition
1. A large man in a trenchcoat that walks the street of brooklyn late at night hoping some little squirrel runs along so he can grab it and rape it till the sun comes up.

2. A boy named austin that lives in meridian idaho.
1 .holy fucking shit! its a Noblitt.

2.Noblitt's best friends are Mitch and Cage.

by Old Greggg June 12, 2008
When peoples face's look like it has a Penis. A dick nose appearance.
Hey Dave, Her face has a penis on it. What a Noblitt.
by Buddy Epson Elvira May 18, 2009
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